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Targeted Email Marketing: 5 Effective Segmentation

Marketing strategy

A recent study found that segmented email marketing campaigns, compared to unsegmented email marketing campaigns, increased the opening rate by an average of 14.64% and the click-through rate by 59.99%.

That said, figuring out the best way to segment your subscriber lists can sometimes seem hyper-complex. I’m going to prove you wrong! In this post, I’ll show you 5 quick and easy segmentation strategies that you can start applying to your subscriber lists today.

1. Demographics

The first way you can start segmenting your email marketing list is by demographics. Information such as age, gender, company position and income level can tell a lot about a person’s needs and interests.

The more information you get about your audience in the process of registering for your email communications, the more options you will have for demographic segmentation. However, be careful with this, because asking for too much information to join can be a hindrance to the registration of several people.

Decide which metrics are most essential to your business and include them only in the registration process.

For example, if you are a B2B software developer, the company position would be an important demographic. If you are a clothing retailer, the genre would be very useful to know. Add one to three of the demographic factors most relevant to your business (or more, depending on the complexity of your segmentation needs).

2. Survey results

Some merchants are minimalists who would not dare ask for more than an email address to sign up for their mailing list to make sure they don’t lose a single lead. That’s very good! You can always access more customer data later by creating a survey.

A survey gives you the opportunity not only to get valuable demographic information, as mentioned above, but also to get an idea of individual tastes, preferences and beliefs.

If you want to send a survey to your audience and get a lot of responses, you should probably create some kind of incentive to complete it, for example, by offering a contest, a coupon or a free item that they can then claim in-store or on your website. A customer who shows up in the store will give you the opportunity to learn more about them or offer them products that might be of interest to them.

There are many ways to create personalized surveys for your audience. If you have a WordPress site, you can use the Quiz and Survey Master plug-in to create your custom survey, or choose from a wide range of choices.

3. Commitment

Your subscribers’ commitment to your email is another very simple way to segment your lists, but it can have a huge positive impact on your overall results.

The main metrics related to engagement are the opening rate and the click rate.

For example, you can segment by engagement by designating active vs. inactive users, such as someone who hasn’t opened your emails in the last three months. You can then create a specialized campaign designed to reintegrate your inactive subscribers.

Or you can focus on engaging subscribers and target them more accurately.

For example: you send an email announcing an upcoming sale, and anyone who clicks on the email link can be classified as “interested.” You can then create a special campaign to further target them as potential buyers of the sale.

4. Geographical area


There are many ways to use geographic location data, making geographic segmentation a valuable tool, especially for businesses where location greatly influences purchasing decisions.

Litmus, for example, used geolocation to send targeted emails for his email design conferences in San Francisco, London and Boston, including useful details for each location:

His targeted emails earned him a 68% opening rate, compared to a 22% opening rate for the general announcement of the conference.

Other ways businesses can use geographic data include:

  • Time-based emails: Plan your emails to be received at the best time for each subscriber based on their time zone.
  • Regional promotions: Send targeted emails for events, discounts, liquidations at select stores near your subscribers.
  • Favorite Branch: Send specific offers to the physical store that a frequent subscriber frequents.
  • Location-specific content: Use a specific location in the subject of the email or in the content to get attention and provide a personalized experience.

5. Buying habits

Segmentation by buying habits is another simple way to optimize targeting. The easiest way is to start emailing recommendations for similar items or accessories that would go well with their previous purchase.

Or if a customer has purchased something that requires a replacement, filling or renewal, you can send targeted emails based on their potential needs.

For example, if someone has purchased a hairdressing product, you can make a reasonable estimate to know when it might run out and email them after a few months to suggest a new order.


Segmenting your email marketing lists is not just a tactic for big brands with the most advanced marketing automation software. With a simple tool like Emailicious, you can create a free account, import your subscriber lists, and send targeted content with these easy segmentation policies today.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, or any suggestions for my next posts, don’t hesitate to email them to me, directly in the comments section at the bottom of my articles, on our Facebook page, or even by giving me a phone call!…

Top Questions To Ask a Painter Before Painting a House

There are more and more individuals who decide to paint their homes themselves, but when it comes to getting to work, they always have some doubts in relation to interior painting. That is why, as paint professionals that we are, we have decided to solve some of the main questions users pose to Neighbourhood Painters in St Catharines when painting a home.

What is the difference between interior paint and exterior paint?

The interior paint is designed to withstand friction and wear on the walls, and in its formulation, special attention is paid to the smooth finish and silky touch, which can be gloss, matt, or satin. On the other hand, outdoor paints tend to have a rougher and rougher touch and are formulated with the aim of resisting inclement weather, as well as fungus, mold, etc. problems.

How should a surface be prepared before painting?

Before proceeding to the painting of any surface, it is essential to check the state of this surface to detect possible problems. If it is in optimal condition, then it will only be necessary to clean it with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Once clean and dry, our acrylic sealant fixative will be applied so that the surface has better adhesion to apply the paint subsequently.

How to calculate the paint that is needed?

To know the amount of paint that is needed to paint a certain surface, it is important to know the m2 of this; this can be done by multiplying the width of the wall by the height of it. Still, there are several tools that will help you calculate it faster, such as the Blatem paint calculator.

Is there a difference between smooth or rough surfaces?

Yes, there are differences between both types of surfaces, since the performance on rough walls is lower than on smooth ones. The main problem is that rough surfaces have grooves that make it difficult to penetrate the paint, leaving small areas unpainted or causing a loss of color. To avoid it, it is very important to have a brush suitable for rough walls.

Can you paint a wall or facade with mold spots?

In order to paint a wall that has moisture and mold problems, you must first remove them. This requires cleaning the surface with a suitable product for this purpose, for example, the cleaner facades Paint Blatem, which allows ending such problems. The surface must be allowed to dry for the indicated time, and then the surface will be ready for painting. As a recommendation, on walls with mold and moisture problems, it is advisable to use paints with anti-mold preservatives that prevent their appearance.

Is it possible to paint a glossy surface with matte paint? And vice versa?

Yes, you can change the finish of a surface, either gloss or matt, but for this, you will first have to sand the wall to prepare the surface. It will also be convenient to apply a primer to improve the adhesion of the surface, and, finally, it can be painted with the selected product.…

SEO Basics: A Complete Guide To Increase Your Business Significance

This post is ideal for you if:

  • You’re brand-new to SEO and beginning your profession as a content strategist.
  • You’re a professional SEO, and you currently understand whatever about search.

SEO vs. SEM (search engine marketing)

There are two kinds of traffic from search engines: paid and natural. It’s marketing, and it usually appears at the top and bottom of a search results page.

SEO is all about the “natural” rankings, which appear in the middle of the search results page. They are entirely free, or rather, they are made and won, through search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing (SEM) consists of both natural and paid. You can believe of it this method: SEO + Pay Per Click = SEM.

Beyond paid and natural, there are other kinds of SEO and specialized and specific niches within search marketing. Such as regional SEO (appearing within maps), technical SEO, worldwide SEO, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and lots of others.

Essentials of SEO

Let’s verify our understanding of SEO essentials with a one concern test about the consider search rankings: keyphrases, pages, and links.

Authority: links and trustworthiness

Google is the most popular search engine because of one genuinely initial development from its co-founder Larry Page. The late-1990s were dark days for search engines.

Was it the title of the page? The quantity of traffic the site appeared to be getting?

Larry’s dazzling insight was to think about an entirely different aspect, one that wasn’t on the site at all. His concept was to think about links to the site from other websites. And link appeal (aka “authority”) was born as a search ranking element.

Unexpectedly, Google’s search results page were a lot better than those of Excite, Lycos, and AOL, that within a couple of years, it beat all the other search engine. To this day, links are the most crucial ranking element.

If numerous sites connect to a page, that page is most likely significant. Google made the editors of all the sections into the arbiters of quality.

Competitors and Keywords

Google is attempting to bring the visitor to the very best page for the subject. This is why “scattering” expressions around a site is a wild-goose chase. Structure abundant, sincere, beneficial pages work well.

Determining Authority

Back then, the authority of sites was determined on a scale of one to 10, as designated by Google. This metric was called PageRank (called after Larry Page) and using the Google Toolbar, and you might look it up for any site.

Google no longer shares that info, so the SEO software application business has stepped in and developed its own price quotes of authority by attempting to replicate Google’s own algorithm.

Significance: keyphrases and content

Everybody understands you need to use your target expression on the page. Some people appear to believe that there is some formula as if the trick is to use the phrase is simply the best place or the ideal number of times. They release pages that no search engine (or human) would ever think about excellent or beneficial.

How to Make Money Blogging in Canada

Your state of mind is as essential as anything else if you want to make money from blogging. You’re a publisher, this is your company, and it has to be dealt with.

You might begin a blog site for totally free and still make money. There are totally free blogging platforms offered online. The majority of totally free, hosted blogging platforms restrict how you can make money, and that beats the entire function of why you’re here.

There is a finding out curve, but it’s really workable for many people, and blogging software application is created for those who aren’t “techies.” I choose WordPress, which numerous site hosting business have prepared to choose one click.

While you ought to always deal with blogging as your business, that does not imply you can’t have a good time with it. Corresponding work and company with a soul-killing task is a frame of mind that originates from generations of labor being a needed evil.

Picking a Rewarding Blog Site-Specific Niche

There are lots of types of blog sites that make money, and picking your specific niche (subject) can be difficult in an online world of such numerous blog writers. I (and my customers) have had the best results by discovering a twist or angle on a currently popular specific niche, or merely by making a Canadian (or French) version of it.

There are broad blog site-specific niche classifications that have shown to be profitable, such as health, personal finance, way of life, and self-improvement. It’s no coincidence that these are also the most saturated specific niches. You’ll have to narrow one down to something that is both in need but not as flooded with blog sites if you choose to try one of them.

If there are a lot of blog sites on the subject, it can show the level of need, but it might be hard to increase above the competitors. While you’re investigating, you might find an even much better, more refined specific niche or blog site post concepts, so it’s never ever a squandered effort.

The essential things to think about before settling upon a lucrative specific niche are:

  • Just how much content you can develop on the subject without lacking product of interest
  • Just how much need there is for the content
  • How filled the Web is with blog sites on that subject
  • Earnings chances and approximated earnings capacity

There is also a huge distinction between blogging for other companies (B2B) and blogging for the public, with the previous typically needing a more extensive understanding of the business subject and a greater level of professionalism.

If you consistently come up with other concepts that aren’t related to your present specific niche, it’s time to either begin another blog site or rebrand. New blog site-specific niches can be born from these notes, or you can please your want to compose about a subject by visitor publishing or freelance writing as part of your marketing technique.