Month: October 2020

VPN an Indispensable Tool for Cybersecurity in 2020


Secure your connection, protect yourself online, change your IP address, access your favorite content… When it comes to VPN and privacy, it’s more than advisable to switch to a premium service, such as ExpressVPN. A reliable, efficient and constantly on-the-lookout VPN to improve your security and online experience.

The VPN: A Must-Have Tool in 2020

A few reminders to start with. A VPN takes the form of software or an application that is installed on any connected device, be it a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, a smartphone, but also a router. Its principle is simple: it is intended to secure the user’s connection by encrypting it and relocating it to an external server, belonging to the VPN provider.

In concrete terms, once the application or software is installed, ExpressVPN will offer to connect you to a server located in one of the 160 locations proposed. By the time you are connected to a server, the connection between your device and the server will then be fully encrypted. It will be impossible for a hacker, company or institution to know what you are doing, downloading or viewing from the server where you are connected.

ExpressVPN: A Premium and Trusted VPN

ExpressVPN in this capacity is now the best student of VPN suppliers that can be found on the market. And this for several reasons.

High-performance servers, solid throughputs ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers in 160 countries around the world. These servers are ExpressVPN’s main strength. Their connection is stable and especially their speeds in download and upload are excellent. Here are some tests carried out by us, from our fiber connection to 950 Mb/s download and 420 Mb/s in upload.

Whether in Europe, America or Asia, ExpressVPN’s downstream rates are always excellent. They not only allow you to quickly load web pages, but also to comfortably download files or play streaming videos in HD or Full HD.

A Reliable, Logless VPN Provider

ExpressVPN doesn’t just provide a quality VPN server service. It also ensures maximum confidentiality of the data that passes through its servers. To ensure this privacy, ExpressVPN has developed its VPN server technology: TrustedServer.

The principle is very simple: ExpressVPN prevents the operating system and applications from writing on the server hard drive. Instead, the server is run entirely in the RAM. Because RAM needs electricity to store data, all information on a server is erased every time it is turned off and turned on, preventing data and potential intruders from persisting on the device.

Bypassing Geoblocking and Censorship

Unlike many of its competitors, ExpressVPN is a supplier that takes care to bypass the main geoblocks set up by web or platform services. This is the case, for example, with Netflix or Disney. American catalogues are easily accessible by bypassing ExpressVPN geoblocking. In addition, its high-performance servers allow you to watch content in very good quality.…